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Monday, 22 February 2010

New player On the Windows Phone DJ Scene. mixHDJ

Just caught this app courtesy of 1800PocketPC.Com
I was thinking about the Dj apps for the Windows phone and  was going to write a blog about them. 1 being quite useful but dated and the other being a bit.....useless. Then Comes mixHDJ. The HD I guess is because its was made with the HTC HD2 in mind. Im guessing that its because the screen is compactive (smooth touch screen use live iphone) Where as other windows phones are Resistive (made for stylus use) I've tried this on the my Touch Diamond 2 and it works. My only problem was that I couldnt figure how to cue up the next track but granted I tried the demo 2 minutes after finding out about it and didnt use headphones. The interface looks quite slick and easy enough to get started.

This is the sort of app windows phone needs to highlight how good it is and what it is capable of. If you have a HD2 and want a DJ app £4.99 is a good price if you ask me (touch Dj on iphone is £11) plus it looks like a Pioneer CDJ 1000.

If you dont have a HD2 try the Demo

To Buy or find out more check the website and the video below.

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