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Friday, 27 November 2009

Touch DJ

Touch DJ

Been keeping an eye on this. Just been reading up on the first proper Dj app for the Ipod/Iphone. When I say first I mean this can play mp3's off your device and mix em :) there are other apps such as itm dj and automap (which i'll review at some point). But they are midi controllers (meaning they control dj software) like the Hercules control mp3 e2 i reviewed earlier. The only stumbling block for me is getting your own mp3's on there instead of using the 20 tracks Amidio provide.They have an app to get your tracks on it and mention wifi transfer as well.I'll check this out before making a decision. For £11 not bad? Let me know if this helps.

Monday, 23 November 2009

New Dj Controller - Hercules Dj Control Mp3 e2

Got this baby about a month ago. Its a bit of a beauty. For £99 its a good deal if you ask me. You get a special version of virtual dj which is quite useful especially for video mixing. The mixing part is what i like with this. Once you've got the tracks synced its all about the effects (phaser,loop etc) which gets the party going . My only gripes (which I can live with) are the lack of a proper manual for *Virtual DJ . There is a guide for getting started but it is only for getting started and well if you wanted to take one of these gigging you'd want a bit more knowledge about the software (you can actually map this to the dj software of your choice). The jog wheel is great for cueing a track but for scratching its only good for effects. Dont get me wrong, you can scratch with it, but when you let go there is a slight delay which makes it different from going crazy with the vinyl. Also I found that if I accidently touch the jog wheel and the track I was playing warped. Not good..but you can adjust the sensitivity or just turn the scratch button off and just use it to cue ;-)
All in all its worth the price I used this for a few parties for a few mates but also for a Fashion show and it more than did the job. If you want a controller for parties or for home use this is great. If you want something between the budget controllers and highend ones such as the Hercules control  remix and console steel then get one of these.

Uk peeps can get one here DJ Control MP3 e2
*Just found this :) Virtual Dj Manual - Just Bubbling Oct 09

Welcome to my blog peoples. As a treat i've left this mix for you all to download.
1 Beverly Knight - Every Step
2 Beyonce - Control
3 Mario - Starlight
4 Ne-Yo - Nothing But The Girl
5 Shakira Ft T-Pain - She Wolf Remix
6 Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
7 Tinchy Strider - You're Not Alone
8 Lady Gaga Ft LMFAO - Love Game Party Rock Remix
9 Noisettes Ft Estelle and Wale - Dont Upsette The Rythm Remix
10 Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love
11 Jay Sean FT Lil Wayne - Down
12 Mashonda - Alone
13 Kid Daytona Ft Outasight - Perfect
14 Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill
15 Mary J Blige - Said And Done
16 Lloyd Ft Lil Wayne - Pusha
17 Amerie FT Trey Songz - Pretty Brown Eyes
18 Chris Brown Ft Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz - Transform Ya
19 Jay-Z FT Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind
20 Alicia Keys FT Albe Back - Doesnt Mean Anything
21 Brandy Ft Beyonce - Slow Love