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Sunday, 21 February 2010

1st Recorded Video Mix

I mentioned Video mixing on a previous blog. I just got into the craze thanks to Virtual DJ and my brilliant Control Mp3 E2. So the stumbling block was how do I record the end product as Virtual DJ only records Audio. EDIT: I just purchased Virtual Dj 6.0.5 and has video recording (1.03.10)

Well there were 2 options i discovered

  1. Buy a DVD Recorder or
  2. Buy Fraps.
I've used fraps before but only to take screenshots so after a mess about I recorded some video's for your viewing pleasure just so peeps have an idea what video mixing is and what it can do.

The 1st one is up as Mercy remix (its the video mixed with make a loop of "make me move" by Janet Jackson.)

I've done another which is a mix of Jay Z's Dead Presidents (Instrumental) with the Video of Heard it all Before by Sunshine Anderson which I'll be uploading. These are by no means finished article video's like i said they just highlight what video mixing can do.

I was actually surprised by the amount of people people who had never seen a video mix so I hope someone out there learns something valuable.

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