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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Renoise - I love This D.A.W and keep coming back!!

I've been making beats for as long as I can remember and as well as being a DJ im more known round my ends as a producer. The thing that has held me back but in a lot of aspects given me an edge is the fact I use tracker software.
The appeal for trackers back in the day was that there was no need for hardware such as samplers and midi keyboards etc to make beats. I chose an Amiga over an Atari ST (which most were using) more than 10yrs ago, chopping samples to make my own instruments and loops, using the computer keyboard to trigger sounds instead of a drum machine or keyboard. Also sounds can be played in step time for those like myself who arent the best piano players. The result was some very tight beats on a shoe string budget. The problem was taking it to a studio to mixdown and using vocals not easy when most people dont have access to free studiotime.

I've been using Reniose for more than 5 yrs now. I've tried fruityloops Ableton  Live, Reason , Acid pro to make beats but always come back to Renoise. I have to say I Ableton is brilliant  but Renoise keep adding new features

Check these out what it can do

Also check out one of my productions.

 Its not remix for saiqa  by  DJ Agent.M

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