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Monday, 8 March 2010

Renoise - 2.5 now out

My Fav Beat making program has gone Gold!!!

Which means its out of Beta Testing. Here is what  the Renoise team had to say...

Renoise 2.5
In case you missed it the first time around, new features in 2.5 include:
  • Pattern Matrix: A birds eye view and editor of the song
  • Cross Track Routing for “Meta Devices” and new devices like the “Signal Follower”, which allows you to sidechain other tracks parameters
  • Plugin Grabber: Render Plugin Instruments to Renoise Instruments, Samples
  • Vastly Improved MIDI Mapping
  • A Bunch of New Internal Effects
  • And much more...
A detailed description of what's new can be found on the Renoise 2.5 launch page.
We've also rewritten the user manual from scratch and published new video tutorial specifically geared towards using Renoise 2.5.
We'd like to thank the Renoise users for all their help durring the beta phase. It's you that makes Renoise the world class audio application and community that we are today.
Registered users can download their personal copies from the backstage. New users can download and try out the demo.
Oh, and one more thing. Let's celebrate!

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