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Monday, 15 March 2010

Virtual DJ Pro 6.0.7 Released

I wrote an article waxing lyrical about Future Decks and how virtual DJ was a bit expensive to upgrade. Well after playing with version 6.0.6 for a day I had to upgrade to the pro version. The video mixing alone is worth the plunge for me. Also the extra skins and net search (streams video or mp3 tracks like spotify if you dont have the track with you) If you dj on a netbook some dj software dont cater for smaller screens. Virtual Dj is brilliant for my Asus EEE 904 hd  and even copes when i dont use my usb soundcard. For me i got by on what i had with the LE version but pro is much better. scratching is not amazing. But its on par with future decks and also i noticed that when you hold down cue button on my hercules controller i can press play and let go of the cue button and the track will continue to play (just like cd decks)

At some point i'll write about video mixing but i've posted enough videos for you to make a judgement. The new version was released last week

This is what I got for my money :)

  • Twin independent zero-latency players with:
    • Standard controls (play, pause, stop, cue)
    • Volume control
    • Pitch control (from -34 to +34%)
    • 3 band equalizers with Kill + gain

  • One-click beat matching and synchronisation (new FAME algorithm)

  • BeatLock engine: your songs will always stay in time, and you can work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ could

  • Automatic beat-matched crossfading

  • On-the-fly automatic BPM calculation

  • Automatic pitch matching

  • Automatic level matching

  • Automatic beat matching

  • Dynamic beat visualizer for easy drag'n'drop beat-matching

  • Real scratch simulation

  • Virtual scratch: Scratch your mp3 with your bare hand

  • Automatic beat-aware LOOP function

  • Synchronised sampler with 12 instant slots

  • Master Tempo pitch algorithm

  • Automatic first beat and last beat detection

  • Automatic 4/4 phase detection

  • OSC network synchronisation

  • Infinite number of beatlocked desks (local multi-instance or network)

  • Infinite number of cue points saved per songs

  • Beat-aware effect plugins (included: beatgrid, flippin, vocal remover, filter, flanger, backspin, brake, etc...)

  • VST effects compatibility

  • Video mix with TV output (mix songs and/or video clips !)

  • Full karaoke support

  • Proprietary of FreeFrame video effects

  • Inifite number of video effect simultaneously

  • DJ-adapted video transition plugins

  • Song database engine with easy-to-use search feature

  • CoverFlow or text-only song browsing

  • Compatible with iTunes playlists

  • ID3 compatibility

  • Automatic filter folders

  • Automatic Hot-Swap of external harddrives

  • Ready-to-burn file recording to burn your own mixed CDs

  • Broadcast on the Internet

  • CD to MP3 encoder

  • Optional 3D sound card, 2 sound cards or Y-splitter for real-time monitoring or external mixtable use

  • ASIO soundcard compatibility

  • Fully customisable (skin engine and shortcut macro enngine)

  • External MIDI keyboard compatibility for shortcuts

  • Compatibility with most external controllers (DMC2, DAC3, iCDX, TotalControl, BCD2000, DJConsole, etc...)

  • Optional automatic mixing: Virtual DJ recognizes the style of the music (techno, hip hop, lounge) and adapt its mix in consequence

  • Here it is in action

    You can also try it out here

    and buy here

    All in all i can say there are quite a few dj software available...some free some you have to pay for. Deckadance used to be my fav but im leaning to Virtual DJ as it ticks all the boxes apart from timecode vinyl (Torq is best for me as i have Maudio connectiv). But its down to personal choice in the end. I'll write a bit about the other software I have as and when I have the chance. But if you have Tracktor or Serrato let me know what you think of it.


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