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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Palm Sounds: NanoStudio V1.30 full update details

Palm Sounds: NanoStudio V1.30 full update details: I got it now! Here's the whole 'what's new':

Universal iPad version
Added extra musical scales to keyboard
Increased size limit for a single sample to 32MB
Ability to slide the keyboard by fractions of a note
Mixer mute/solo
Improved bottom range of mixer volume faders
Double tap on mixer channel title to go to instrument
Double tap on 'centre zero' knobs to return to centre
Tap song position on status bar to toggle between bars and hours/minutes
Update to latest Akai SynthStation library
Added 'Mix audio with other apps' option to allow iTunes music background play
Added buffer latency settings
Automatic normalization is now optional after sampling or resampling
Added an 'add effect' button to empty effects slots
Changed TRG behaviour to allow drags across pads
Added load/save effects chain to the effects select dialogue
Song editor - vertical zoom
Song editor - mute/solo buttons can be swiped vertically
Song editor - added MIDI activity indicators to each track
Song editor - parts on muted tracks are shown in grey
Bugfix - Buzzing sound on Eden ring mod when phase was non-zero
Bugfix - TRG-16's 'auto BPM' function was sometimes inaccurate

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