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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Virtual DJ just gone to version 7 - New Improvements + free Version

Not gonna talk too much about Virtual DJ. You either know it or you dont Keep reading there is a free version. If chances are you've seen me use it if you've been to any recent events over the last 6 months.

The beast just got better.
* support for up to 99 decks (you heard that right)
* Skins for 4 or 6 Decks if 99 sounds too much lol
* Rewire which nearly brought me to tears if i read correct means that track i make in Renoise can be played and mixed live.
*Line In/Mic support
*Also (one these big brown eyes spotted was) iphone/ipad remote which is coming pending Apple approval.

Well for those who wanted to try out Virtual DJ or are wanting to start out dj-ing you can download Virtual DJ Home edition (which sorta laughs in the face of anyone who bought a midi controller and go the le version) free to download here

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